Homecoming: Traveling Back with Barrie

By Barrie

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United States, touring artists were required to head home. Here's what Barrie got up to in her home state.

“I’ve basically spent the last 9 months housesitting around New England. In January, I came to Massachusetts (my home state) to write an album, and house sat a cottage on the marsh. Corona hit right when I was supposed to head back to New York, so instead I stayed, and my girlfriend Gabby’s school went remote so she came and joined me.” – Barrie Lindsay

The house sits right on the marsh and has chickens and two sweet dogs called Tiggy and Jumble. We take the dogs out on the marsh for walks and they go crazy bombing around. The chickens made endless eggs.

We house sat for our friend Binni, who has an old horse and a donkey that we took care of.

Sometimes I can juggle and sometimes I can't.

We leaned in hard to Crocs.

Gabby + Seeding Sovereignty mask <3

Right: Gabby in the dunes. We hardly saw anyone all quarantine, we mostly just worked and went on walks. We visited family and went to some protests, but my dad's immunocompromised so we were strict about quarantine.

We were in Maine for a while, which is where we are now. We see even fewer people now and try to stay involved in the world from a distance. My album's almost done, and Gabby's back in school. We've been working on music together in a really easy, slow way.

Stream Barrie’s latest album Happy To Be Here out now via Winspear.