Playlist – Hits From Heaven with Partner

By Lucy Niles and Josée Caron

Partner’s music feels like a breath of fresh air. Vibrant and unhesitating, the Canadian East Coasters’ rock is continuously bursting at the seams. Releasing their second full-length album Never Give Up last fall, it was obvious the band preserved much of their 90s influences and sense of humor while also offering some of their most experimental melodies yet.

A few months after their record’s release, we asked Partner’s Lucy Niles and Josée Caron if they would create a playlist for Slumber. They crafted a mix of songs that can only be described as perfect—tracks as mesmerizing as they are exciting, and ones that also inspire them to be better songwriters. Check out the playlist below:

“This is a list of songs we consider to be perfect. It is in no way exhaustive, just a collection of old favorites that we have revisited many times over the years. Some of these songs tell intricately woven stories, some of them have excellent production, and some are great expressions of emotion. They all passed our rigorous quality control test. We hope you enjoy.”

Listen to Partner’s latest album, Never Give Up, below: