Homecoming: Hearth and Home with Le Ren

By Lauren Spear

Montreal-based folk-musician Le Ren shares a collection of snapshots from her world in quarantine. A “love letter to hearth and home,” featuring her sweet adobe, some cozy knitwear, and the most beautiful hiking trails.

I decided to make a quilt.

Here I am thinking about what I’ve done.

Photo taken by Ali Hendra shortly after I broke the needle and she came to my rescue.

Photo of aforementioned rescuer (Ali) knitting her father a scarf. This is our living room!

I also live with Lo. Here she is in a pile of bags she made with her own two hands!!! Her company is called çanta which in Albanian means “bags”

Welcome back to our living room.

Our plants like to dance with our instruments.

This is my guitar who appears to have made some new friends.

My guitar likes to look at our view of Montreal.

This is my room.

Here I do my snoozing.

When I leave my home, I like to go for walks with my pals and say hello to the trees. Here is Emily and T saying hello with me.

To me, Emily looks like an arbutus (my favourite tree.)

Here she is wearing a garlic scape as a bracelet. Or is it wearing her?

Emily really knows her way around raclette.

Because I can only see pals outside, we often walk to the top of the Mont Royal. Here is Lili being sad that we can’t wrap our arms around each other. I miss her hug, she’s good at it.

Anyways, here’s me in my quilt. It shall keep me warm this winter :~) Thanks for tuning in! Stay safe out there ~

Listen to Le Ren’s newest single “It’s Time I Played a Love Song” b/w “I Did U Wrong” out now via Sub Pop.