Photo Diary – Frankie Cosmos

By Frankie Cosmos

Back in 2018, New York's Frankie Cosmos picked up some film to document their fall tour with Kero Kero Bonito. They hit all the best sites and breakfast spots along the West Coast, and captured all the shenanigans that ensued along the way.

Evan and I went to Cameron’s house on a night off in LA so I could record vocals for a song we wrote together. Here’s Cameron laying down a guitar track.

Alex, Luke, Lauren, and Nick admiring a beautiful vista on the way to Bellingham from Seattle. We went the Chuckanut way (the scenic drive that everyone recommended)… it was worth it.

I went out one morning in Seattle and met up for breakfast with Lala Lala, who happened to be there at the same time as us.

This is a shot of an average day of tour spent in the car, taken from the front seat.

Right: These are a bunch of different postcards I bought on tour, for a project I was doing.

3 members of Frankie Cosmos and 3 members of Kero Kero Bonito eating late night fast food after our show in Seattle (our last night on tour with them). Left to right - Alex, Sarah, Lauren, Luke, Jenny, James.

This is our friend Jake Jones (drummer of the band iji who we have toured with a handful of times), selling merch for us in Seattle.

Left: Alex and Evan happy after we made it in for breakfast. We all got coffee with CBD oil in it, trying to live the LA lifestyle.

Evan and Alex and I went to our friend Hannah’s house in LA and she made us a delicious dinner before we played a show. Here’s Evan and Alex waiting for their dinner.

Luke waiting to soundcheck (left) and Lauren warming up her vocals during soundcheck (right).

Yes, that’s an apple resting on Lauren’s keyboard.