Playlist – Depressed and Delicious with Nat Vazer

By Nat Vazer

Nat Vazer – a singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, AU – writes music that feels wholeheartedly full. Full is the first word that comes to mind; you won’t overflow when you listen to her latest record, but you’ll be filled right to the brim. Content. Understood. Heard, and full. This playlist that Nat Vazer has curated for Slumber Mag will fill you right up, like a huge serve of food, only the food is feelings. Tuck in and eat up. Prepare yourself for the food coma full of feelings to follow shortly after:

When I was a teen, I was a bit of an ‘emo kid’ and I discovered that feeling low from time to time was normal, but it had a strange way of fueling my imagination.  I often wondered why the saddest songs were the best ones?  Is ‘sad’ bad necessarily?  I think we like to be thrilled and enchanted by people whose imaginations know how to inhabit ‘the sad’. Feeling low is sometimes like emotional quicksand – you can feel stuck and it’s hard to break free.  Your best chance of escaping is to reach out for a tree branch or find someone’s hand to pull you out.  I think of these songs like comforting friends who can help work through a feeling or break through ‘emotional fog’.  On some level, I think no one really wants to be free from feeling low – we just want to be free to feel low, and all the other emotions on our spectrum. 

Listen to Nat Vazer’s LP Is This Offensive and Loud?

out now via Hotel Motel Records: