9am to 9pm with Sophia Kennedy

By Sophia Kennedy

This past year, “a day in the life” has never looked so stagnant. What was once routine has become standstill; we’ve lost the little rituals we used to take for granted. To find them again, we have to look at life a little differently. We created our ongoing series 9am to 9pm to get a glimpse into where artists find creative inspiration in their daily lives.

In this edition, we take a peek into the day-to-day of singer-songwriter Sophia Kennedy, who takes us on a Dr. Seuss style trip through her Hamburg studio. It’s nothing short of mayhem; if you’ve ever wondered what having a drink with Sophia and Pennywise might look like, you’ve come to the right place.

9: a.m. I’m wide awake.

Dreams? I can’t remember!

I rush into the kitchen! My first bite of the day!

Whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese?

No, that’s not for me!

I check my looks before I leave!

Who knows who I’ll might meet!

Then I go outside and I cross the street!

At the Studio, I arrive at 3:00!

Where I feel the urge, the necessity to sing!

At 4:00 I have a break for cake!

‘Cause that’s what Germans do!

I meet up with a friend…

…and have a drink or two!

Before I go to bed.

at 9:00 p.m.


Check out Sophia Kennedy’s latest LP “Monsters,” out now via City Slang: