Photo Diary – Charlotte Cornfield

By Charlotte Cornfield

Introduction by Amy Garlesky

Charlotte Cornfield’s Highs in the Minuses is a culmination of her pandemic solitude. A collection of poignant and often autobiographical narratives, the Canadian artist’s fourth album establishes a lush yet energized atmosphere simply waiting to be performed live. This past fall, Charlotte grabbed the opportunity to tour the new release around the U.S. and Canada. Along the way, she took a couple of disposable cameras to document her journey. Take a look at the band’s trip below and catch Charlotte on the road again this spring with Pedro the Lion.

At JFK airport waiting for our flight to Chicago

Left: Last day in New York - me looking out at the Hudson from the Whitney | Right: Skyline View

Evan running to meet us at the car

Left: Looking at the Brooklyn Bridge | Right: Super Bread II

Views from I-95

Left: Nelson and Sam in Brooklyn | Right: Sam and I having coffee

Quick stop at home in Toronto to check in on the cats on the left is Rocket and on the right is Buffy.

Back to New York for Gridlock Alert Day

Brooklyn catchup with my dear friends Claire and Amelia

Left: View from our hotel room in Ottawa | Right: Post show hang at our hotel room

Listen to Charlotte Cornfield’s latest record ‘Highs in the Minuses‘ out now via Double Double Whammy / Polyvinyl Record Co.