Playlist – Begin Again with Ellis

By Ellis

There’s an expansiveness to Ellis’ music. It feels quite paradoxical to suggest, as the Ontario artist’s music often focuses on the quieter moments in life–those moments of reflection, of emotional vulnerability, and sometimes, those things left unsaid. Yet, Linnea Siggelkow’s melodies still always feel encapsulating both in their heartfelt melodies and internal exploration.

It’s a quality evident even in her newest single, “hell” (featuring Chastity), she released this morning. Confronting the afterlife and its connections to our everyday life, the pair finds freedom not only within the dizzying fuzz that carries their voices but also in their relative perspectives–gaining control and standing in the face of such deafening existential questions.

Ahead of Linnea’s upcoming EP as Ellis, nothing is sacred anymore, out tomorrow, we reached out and asked her to compile a playlist. The result is a mix of songs that help her find inspiration and solace in life’s uncertain and moving phases. Read Linnea’s thoughts on the mix and check out the playlist below.

it feels like this past year and a bit has been a time of a lot of reflection, thinking about where we’ve been and where we’re headed when the world opens back up. i think we’ve been forced to evaluate everything and decide what will stay in the before-times and what we will carry through with us into the after. these songs are about new beginnings, about letting go of stuff, about redefining who we are <3

Ellis’ EP ‘nothing is sacred anymore’ is out tomorrow (06/25).

Watch the new video for her new single “hell” feat. Chastity: