Playlist – For When You’re Feeling Dangerous with Body Type

By Body Type

Photography courtesy of the artist

There is no room for moderation on Body Type’s new album, Everything is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising. The Melbourne quartet’s debut has been awaited far too long to succumb to any subtlety. Opening with a plea, ‘Set me aflame with sex and rage,’ the band clears the course for the rest of their release–offering a collection as thrilling, irreverent, and cathartic, as it is catchy.

We got in touch with Body Type around the release of Everything is Dangerous, But Nothing’s Surprising, and asked the band to curate a playlist for us. The final mix is one inspired by their debut, perfectly fit for when you want to lean into your own dangerous and rebellious energy. Read the band’s thoughts, check out the playlist, and watch the video for their single “Charmed” below.

Songs for when you’re feeling a little bit naughty, a little electric, a little bit je ne sais quoi… Roxette said it best:

Hold on tight, you know she’s a little bit dangerous
She’s got what it takes to make ends meet
The eyes of a lover that hit like heat
You know she’s a little bit dangerous

Body Type’s debut album ‘Everything Is Dangerous, But Nothing Is Surprising’ is out now via Poison City Records: