Playlist – From Dawn ‘til Dawn with Romero

By Alanna Oliver

After the year that’s been, we’re all gonna need an extra kick to keep us awake when the ball drops this New Year — and fortunately for you, you won’t need a sickly energy drink to get you through it. If anything’s gonna keep you up this New Years, it’s power-pop, and we’ve got the perfect group to kick you awake: Romero, breaking out of Melbourne, AU. If anyone’s gonna show you how to keep things moving in spite of all, it’s Romero, who managed to pump out a bunch of hits this year, despite 2020 throwing everything it had at them. If you’ve been trying to muster up that kind of energy but found yourself falling short, no need to stress — we’ve got the playlist to get you up and out the door. Romero’s Alanna Oliver has curated this playlist to keep you up from dawn ’til dawn, to get you round the clock in less than an hour:

Here are some of my favourite tracks ever in order to wake you up and take you through the day and night! Start with a little bit of Carole King to wake up and remind you of how special you are. Followed by Dionne Warwick, my all time fave singer! Once you start listening to “Razz” by Kings of Leon, it’s time to start getting ready for work. The songs after “Janitor” by Suburban Lawns are reminiscent of that ‘after work feeling’ where you leave work with a sense of accomplishment. Start celebrating your divine femininity and go out on the town to celebrate you with “Freedom Jazz Dance” and beyond! When I listen to “Freedom Jazz Dance” I always picture myself in a Cadillac in Las Vegas (where I’ve never been), partying it up large with my friends – haha – I hope this song will take you there with me! Enjoy! 

Listen to Romero’s latest single “Troublemaker” below: