Playlist – Getting High with Your GF with Hildegard

By Hildegard

Introduction by Madalyn Trewin

Creative collaboration stems from the connections you can’t create artificially – if you’re feeling stuck in your own artistic endeavors, whatever they might be, the sure-cure is to work closely with someone that really makes you tick. Someone that sees what you’re seeing, but allows you to step it up a notch, in a new space, that you’ve created entirely together. A space you couldn’t have created on your own.

Hildegard is the latest project from Canadian singer-songwriter Helena Deland and Ouri, Montreal-based DJ and producer. This project serves as a testament to their creative process as a duo. It’s a project that’s charged by collaboration–their debut album, out this June, was recorded over only eight days. The results act as a dedication to their own melding, like an intentional tangling we’re lucky enough to bear witness to.

To provide us with even more of an insight into this kind of energy, Hildegard’s here to welcome us in. The duo has curated a selection of songs that they describe as “a personal playlist for getting high, just the two of us.” If you’ve been wanting to meld minds and tangle yourself up in someone else, this is the place to start. Listen to the playlist and get a feel for Hildegard’s latest single below:

Watch the video for Hildegard’s latest single “Jour 1,” from their debut self-titled record, out on June 4: