Playlist – Adventure Looms with Goo

By Goo

Goo’s music evokes the life-affirming feelings of catching the sun glare through a car window; when something becomes monumental and you are suddenly quieted in awe. On their debut, single release “Fruit” issues a soft and playful plea for the listener to give themselves over to love, rebirth, and adventure. With its sliding guitars, vast harmonies, wolf howls, and flute solos, the track is itself an invitation to explore.

In celebration of the release of “Fruit,” we asked the band to craft a playlist below:

“Using “Fruit” as a jumping-off point, this playlist of soft psychedelic freewheeling folk takes you on a journey of heartbreak, skipping town, and starting all over again. We recommend listening while sitting on your roof, watching the sun go down, drinking whiskey, and sighing.”

Make sure to take a listen to “Fruit” off Goo’s forthcoming album Return To The Garden, out June 16.