Playlist – We Found the Extraordinary in Every Little Thing with Ziemba

By Ziemba

If you’ve been looking for something on the extraordinary side, you’ve come to the right place. Ziemba – songwriter, producer, vocalist, and pianist, René Kladzyk – has just released a record that’s exactly that. When the day-to-day isn’t feeling as extraordinary as you wish it would, Ziemba’s new album Unsubtle Magic acts as a reminder that it doesn’t have to be. Like a reassuring shoulder to lean on, this record doesn’t romanticise the day-to-day, or expect you to feel good all the time. Instead, it reminds you that it’s okay to not feel one hundred percent okay all the time, even when it feels like everybody else expects that of you. Embracing the vulnerability of the everyday and the nuances within that, Ziemba guides listeners into settling into how they actually feel, now how they think they should feel.

To celebrate her new release and bring us into the new year, we asked Ziemba to curate a playlist for us. Much like Unsubtle Magic, it’s a playlist that delves into the little things in life, and the feelings that come along with that. Find her thoughts on the playlist and suggestions for finding the extraordinary in the everyday, below:

What a year for music brimming over with magic! This mix has lots of orchestral pop, ferociously big heart, sexy groove, cosmic wonder, all of which has entered the world relatively recently. I recommend listening while bopping around the kitchen, scratching your dog’s belly, marveling at the grandeur of the night sky, etc. 

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