Playlist – Missing the Mosh with Snarls

By Snarls

Snarls – a four-piece out of Columbus, Ohio – spent their first year sort of simmering beneath the surface, beginning to bloom. Once we hit 2020, they came out bursting with their first full-length record, Burst. They’ve been grasping the “glitter emo” title tightly and finally thrown it right our way. Picture a confetti gun in the face. Better yet, picture yourself in the moshpit that you’ve spent 2020 missing. Sweaty walls and sticky floors, some glitter thrown from the stage to end the night on a high. While we might not be able to bring this image to life just yet, we can definitely conjure up the daydream. All we have to do is listen to the songs Snarls wish they were moshing to right now:

We are all struggling during this time without live music. In the “before time,” we were at shows almost every night of the week and didn’t realize how much we took that for granted! We made this eclectic playlist of songs we wish we were moshing to right now, featuring lots of our favorite femme, queer, and poc artists as well as local-to-us favorites Van Dale and Palette Knife (new label mates!) Enjoy! <3 

Listen to Snarls’ debut LP Burst, out now via Take This to Heart Records: