Playlist – it’s just ur friendly neighbourhood wizard with Caroline & Claude

By Caroline & Claude

Newsflash: not everything has to be so serious all the time. This goes for just about everything, but it’s especially true when you’re listening to Caroline & Claude. This duo, based in Adelaide, Australia, encapsulate pure, impossible-to-not-smile-about giddiness. Their sound makes you reach for words like “giddy” – seriously, a word I’ve never used to describe music before, but I can’t seem to pinpoint it with anything else – listen to their new single “Stir the Pot” and you’ll know what I mean. Caroline & Claude are the kind of duo that’ll watch Cartoon Network with you when you need a pick me up, pull pranks on you when you least expect it (but only the friendly kind), and most importantly, dance with you when no one else will. The playlist they’ve curated for Slumber today has exactly the same kind of energy; the completely giddy, friendly neighbourhood wizard kind of energy. The kind of you’re looking for when you’re tired of taking everything so seriously.
this playlist is dope and could cause you to experience an astral projection!! These songs shaped and influenced our sound… even the cartoon network songs (steven universe slaps okay). every single time we listed to one of the songs on the playlist we either A. jump up and pull a muscle dancing, B. go on a *sustainable* shopping spree or C. write a banger. these songs are v inspiring and very cool. ps… the playlist title is a quote from one of our fav cartoon network shows, clarence 😛

Listen to Caroline & Claude’s latest single “Stir the Pot” below: