Playlist – Bad Time, Good Party with Foam Boy

By Foamboy

Introduction by Amy Garlesky

Foamboy’s recent debut is not the first we’ve heard from Portland-based duo Katy Ohseik and Wil Bakula. With two albums already under the belt as “Chromatic Colors,” the group decided to set out on a new project after the pandemic shook up the two’s routines back in 2020. The resulting record, My Sober Daydream, is a collection of jazz-influenced pop songs that are as danceable as they are sharp.

Ahead of the pair’s new album, we reached out to Wil and Katy to compile a mix for us. They came back with a compilation of songs dedicated to all those having a bad time at the party tonight. Read Katy’s thoughts behind the playlist and listen in below.

This playlist is for people having a bad time at the party. Maybe you don’t know anyone here, or you got in a fight with your girlfriend, or you got too drunk and you feel more alone than you ever thought possible. Whatever happened, enjoy this selection of anxious bangers.

Listen and order Foamboy’s debut album ‘My Sober Daydream’ – out now: