Playlist – Ultimate Pregame with NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS

By Not the Main Characters

You’re getting ready to go out, dreading it a little bit, and in desperate need of a pick-me-up to get you out the door. You’re scrolling through your saved playlists and nothing’s sticking, you’re ready to crawl into bed and call it a night, but then you remember: NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS’ latest single just came out, and every single they’ve released in the lead up to their upcoming EP has proved that they’ll always amp you up, without fail.

If you need some company on your next night out, pick NTMC: a fuelled-by-a-fast-internet-connection, hyperpop girl group. At minimum, their latest single “bad things” deserves a spot on your night out soundtrack. At maximum (in true NTMC fashion), you should go all the way, as loud as you can, with a whole playlist. Luckily for you, the trio were nice enough to curate a whole playlist for us with that exact purpose in mind, so you don’t have to. The ultimate pregame playlist by NTMC:

Our “ntmc ultimate pregame” playlist is the music we blast while we’re getting ready to go out. It’s an hour of straight bops that will make you feel like a bad bitch™ lol. Packed with everything from Britney’s ‘Blackout’ era to aggressive sh*t like “GASLIGHT!” by Maggie Lindedmann and Siiickbrain, there is no way you’re not revved to go out by the end of this playlist hehe.

Have a listen to NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS’ latest single “bad things” off their debut EP BAD THINGS COME IN 3’S below: