Playlist – Songs to Listen to While Cinnamon Buns are Baking with HAVET


German/Swedish duo, HAVET, open their debut EP describing a kind of old love; the kind that makes you go to the movies, or sing along to the stereo. The kind that makes you get out of bed in the morning, and go to bed early at night. The kind that makes you want to spend a whole afternoon baking cinnamon buns.

Almost all of those anecdotes came straight from the lyrics of “Old Love”, an opening track that welcomes you into HAVET’s debut Mama’s Lullaby with open arms. The cinnamon buns, on the other hand, we’ve added in ourselves, inspired by the playlist the sibling duo curated for Slumber: a selection of songs to listen to while your cinnamon buns are baking in the oven. If baking cinnamon buns isn’t old love, we don’t know what is.

If you’ve been looking for a way to spend your afternoon, here it is: prep your cinnamon buns listening to this stellar debut, and once your oven’s preheated and ready to go, pop on the playlist. HAVET even took the care to make sure it was timed perfectly, so you don’t overcook your buns: This playlist is as long as it takes for your yummy fluffy bunnies to bake in the oven. Don’t forget to stir up a sugar glaze tho!

Find the playlist below:

Check out HAVET’s debut EP, Mama’s Lullaby: