Playlist – Mental Health Forest Walk with Vi0let

By Vi0let

Sometimes, life can become a bit much – so much so that you hardly have enough time to take a walk, take stock, and most importantly: take a breather. A lot of good can come from taking some time for yourself (even when you don’t feel like you have enough time for that), to switch off and embrace a little escapism. A great gateway to escape for a while? Brighton’s Vi0let, and her new EP, Believe Me When I Cry. Vi0let’s sound – silky, dreamy, and safe – is bound to lull you into bliss.

Beyond the EP release, Vi0let is so committed to making sure you take some for yourself, that she even curated a whole playlist for us with that in mind: for taking a well-deserved, mental health forest walk. Completely different to the music she personally makes, Vi0let has told us that she finds herself having a soft spot for indie folk – which you can find in the playlist she curated for us today. Read Vi0let’s inspiration behind the playlist below:

POV: You’ve gone back to visit your small hometown and you’re on a walk by yourself to reflect on how much you’ve changed since you left. You remember the late night bike rides, the smell of fresh cut grass on your walk to school. This playlist also makes you want to watch Twilight, purely for the forest aesthetic (if you know you know). This playlist should feel like a big warm hug to your inner child. 

Listen to Vi0let’s debut EP, Believe Me When I Cry, officially out now: