Playlist – Mystic in the Mundane with Jacki Warren-Bullard

By Jacki Warren-Bullard

Introduction by Amy Garlesky, Photography by New Archive

The belief widely perpetuated is that growth requires grand experiences. In traveling to the edge of the world, we will stumble across a new sense of self, a new philosophy, and a new mantra perfectly fitting for our newfound life. It’s an ideal regularly present in the music industry–the appeal of tour life–the whirlwind of unfamiliarity in exploring unseen places, trying new things, and meeting new people. However, growth is far from confined to the extraordinary. There does exist something special, and typically ineffable, that is hidden within our habitual, daily lives. 

For today’s playlist, we asked Jacki Warren-Bullard, a founding member of Michigan four-piece Major Murphy, who also plays in Waxahatchee’s live band, to craft a mix ahead of her band’s upcoming sophomore album, Access. Being a parent and at-home during the pandemic, Jacki took inspiration from her routine and compiled a selection of songs that draws upon the indescribable and unassuming potential of the everyday.

Read Jacki’s thoughts on the process and listen to the playlist below.

I set out to make a playlist of some of the songs that make me really feel myself – only to later realize that all of these songs were performed by women. I am a parent so a lot of my daily life is performing a lot of unsexy tasks and just putting on this playlist helps tap into the mystic in the mundane.

Listen to Major Murphy’s latest single, “In the Meantime” off their upcoming album ‘Access’ out 4/2 via Winspear: