Playlist – Last Resort with EGOISM


Scout Eastment and Olive Rush, aka EGOISM, look at you right in the eye whether you like it or not. They makes you feel like you’re the main character, even when you don’t want to be. Listen to EGOISM and you’ll flip back and forth between euphoria and dread too many times to count, with no idea which feeling you’re going to end up on by the time the song’s over. That’s the magic of this duo – EGOISM make you feel absolutely everything, front and centre, no matter what that feeling might be.

EGOISM’s latest single “Lonely But Not Alone” captures exactly this. Running with the ebbs and flows of being alive. Sitting with yourself every once and a while, stewing in the discomfort that comes with it. Filling yourself up with the dread of going nowhere, never really knowing where you might end up, and if you’ll ever get there. The playlist EGOISM have curated for Slumber is the perfect accompaniment to these kinds of feelings. If you feel like you’re at a deadend without the energy to circle back, this playlist’s all you need to get there.

These are our current “last resort” songs. When most other music is too overwhelming, but you still need something to make you feel alive. Best for late night drives/walks/runs/anything that gets you out of the house.

Watch EGOISM’s latest video for “Lonely But Not Alone” below: