Playlist – damn, this song still kills me with Madi Diaz

By Madi Diaz

Introduction by Amy Garlesky

Most emotions are temporary, but feelings, on the other hand, tend to linger. Attaching themselves our memories, they tend to evolve–taking on new shapes as our experiences develop and unfold. It’s a certain quality that continuously takes the stage on Madi Diaz’s, new album History Of A Feeling out tomorrow via ANTI-. Centering on a past relationship and her self-healing in its wake, the Los Angeles songwriter touches upon her experiences with a keen sense of empathy as she chronicles the array of emotions, losses, and desires that arose from her past heartbreak. It’s a resulting compilation of tracks that are as intimate as they are universal, recounting the often conflicting and paradoxical things we feel when faced with immediate change.

Ahead of Madi’s album release, we reached out and asked her to compile a playlist. She provided a collection of songs that act as a rewind–taking her back to the many moments and feelings of growth, surprise, and inspiration that moved her forward. Read Madi’s thoughts behind the mix and check out the playlist below.

This playlist is made up of songs that I’m pretty sure hold the power of actual time travel. No matter where I am or what I’m doing—I’m transported. I’m back in that car with my brother with the windows down driving through south Philly, I’m going down that street alone headphones in walking back to my apartment, I’m getting that phone call that changed everything, I’m 19 learning what it feels like to have my world rocked, I’m sitting in my friend’s basement cause it’s the coolest place in the house with the radio on. When I hear these songs now they stop me in my tracks and still kill me.

Listen and pre-order Madi’s new album ‘History Of A Feeling’ out tomorrow on ANTI-: