Playlist – Sieve Forever

By Sieve

Sieve is a supergroup of sorts, comprised of Em Boltz (Corey Flood, Enchanted Forest), Madeline Rafter (Snake Boy Gang, The Original Crooks, and Nannies), Rachie Weisberg (Yeah, Baby, Spin-Off), and Emily Lyon (Likes, Wilt, Boothe Band). Together, they’ve always kept things loose and goofy on stage, while maintaining their knack for crafting serious jams.

In recent news of the band’s breakup, we asked the group to craft a playlist to celebrate the legacy of Sieve!

Check out their thoughts and tune into their playlist below:

“Sieve will never die…it may ‘slumber,’ but like a Phoenix from the ashes, the spirit of Sieve will rise. Sieve forever!”

Make sure to pick up a copy of Sieve “Prudence” b/w “Around coming out on May 7th via Ramp Local.