Playlist – No About Face with Chelsea Jade

By Amy Garlesky

Chelsea Jade spent her pandemic immersed in collaboration, working on her friend’s projects and formulating her own. Her resulting sophomore album Soft Spot out next week notably departs from her previous releases both in its experimentation and also the intimacy she imbues into her new sonic and lyrical landscapes.

Today the final single of the album “Best Behaviour” premiered and along with it, a music video co-starring and co-directed by her friend Rose Matafeo (of HBO hit series Starstruck). Regarding the track’s inspiration, Chelsea detailed, “The world spins so fast now, it’s hard to both stabilize yourself and always be putting your best foot forward. ‘Best Behaviour’ is an offer to be imperfect and carefree”

We got in touch with Chelsea ahead of “Best Behaviour” and asked her to curate a playlist for us. The final mix is one that rings true to this central sentiment behind the track: even if we can’t do something perfectly and we fumble in our attempts, sometimes we have to muster up the resilience to keep moving forward. Read Chelsea’s thoughts, check out the playlist, and watch the video for “Best Behaviour,” below.

I was on the train from Manhattan when we stalled halfway between boroughs. In amongst the building volume of teen complaints, fresh from school’s out, I thought I heard the dissolving intercom voice say, “We’re going to do an about face” – which on a train, has never been true. This is a playlist for when you really want to turn back but you have to keep going.

Listen to Chelsea’s new single “Best Behaviour” ahead of her album ‘Soft Spot’ out April 29 via Carpark Records.