Playlist – On An Americana Music Video Set with Mal Blum

By Mal Blum

Photography courtesy of the aritst

If the recent change in weather has you itching to drop everything and live out in a sun-soaked desert this summer, you’re in luck – Mal Blum’s latest EP Ain’t It Nice is just the soundtrack for living out that fantasy. Especially if you’re planning on setting yourself up in a Western-style motel, and you’re prepared to dig deep into the self-reflection and vulnerability that comes hand in hand with travelling on your own.

If you can’t quite picture the journey just yet, Mal Blum’s music video for “Candy Bar & Men,” one of the singles off their latest EP, paints the picture pretty perfectly, self-described as “an ode to solo interstate travel, gay cruising, roadside motels, intimacy with strangers, novelty, desire, familiarity, bliss, shame, vending machines, and checking in and out.” To truly set the scene up, they went ahead and curated a playlist inspired by the set this music video took place in:

This is a selecion of songs we (me, the director and my partner Gaby Dunn and the video DP Selina Ruthe) listened to on the way to & from the motel where we shot the music video for “Candy Bars & Men” taken from my new EP, Ain’t It Nice. Enjoy!

Watch the music video that inspired this playlist from Mal Blum’s ‘Ain’t It Nice’ EP, out now: