Playlist – Soul Balm with Katy J Pearson

By Katy J Pearson

There’s something nostalgic about Katy J Pearson’s music, even if you’re only hearing it for the first time. On her debut, Return, out now, the West Country singer takes inspiration from Americana, filtering themes of heartbreak and romance through a glittering lens of 1970’s rock. Yet even with its strong roots in the past, Pearson never lets her record fall too far into familiarity, weaving colorful, driving melodies throughout each track that keeps the album exciting with every listen.

Playing off this balance of new and old, Katy crafted us a mix of favorites—some recent discoveries and some that have previously slipped by; yet, all songs that have helped create calm through this difficult year. Check out Katy’s message and the playlist below:

Over the past few months of utter strangeness, I’ve thrown myself into listening to as much new stuff as possible as well as some of my favourite artists’ back catalogues that may have passed me by. The songs on this playlist have helped to keep my spirits up during lockdown! 

Watch the video for “Fix Me Up” taken Katy’s debut album ‘Return’, out now via Heavenly Recordings: