Playlist – Stomach Drops with McCall

By McCall

McCall is based in Los Angeles, CA. At 21, she’s just released her sophomore EP, On Self Loathing. Listening to the EP feels like diving into a bottomless body of water, full of fragility, euphoria, and urgency. Somehow, all these feelings blend together seamlessly and it feels really good; before you know it, you’ll have dived in without a second thought, keeping your head underwater until you feel the rush. This playlist that McCall has curated for Slumber Mag will offer you the rush you’re looking for, too, but a different kind. The stomach drop kind:

There’s at least one moment in each of these songs where I felt my stomach drop, broken down into three categories: lyrics that make me rethink my life, in songs like “If It’s True,” “Young Man in America,” “Sideways,” “Runaway,” and “Turn It Off.” There’s production moments that make my jaw hit the floor, in songs like “Monk Mode,” “So Many Details,” “At Sea,” and “Inhale Exhale.” And then there’s melodies that tickle my brain, in songs like “Santa Monica,” “Who’s Feeling Young Now,” “Anything,” “Everything,” and “Dunes.” All of these songs are songs that make my stomach drop.

Listen to McCall’s self-released EP On Self Loathing below: