Playlist – When My Feet Begin to Bite Me with Banoffee

By Banoffee

When it comes to Banoffee, there’s no slowing down. No hiding behind half-truths, murky feelings, or taking things in at a snail’s pace. It’s always been true, but it’s especially relevant right now, with the release of her new record Teartracks. Based out of Melbourne, AU, Banoffee’s sophmore album wants you to feel everything fully, and it does exactly that: hitting you over the head with every feeling you’ve been avoiding. In this scenario, it’s less of an analogy and more of a full body experience; Banoffee’s songwriting moves fast and hits hard, both lyrically and sonically. Teartracks digs up everything you had buried deep, at double speed.

With all that in mind, it was no surprise when we asked Banoffee to curate a playlist for Slumber Mag, and she returned with a playlist fuelled by intense, nervous energy, inspired by feeling antsi and running away from your own two feet. Just like her own songwriting, this playlist isn’t stopping for a breather. Find Banoffee’s movement driven internal monologue and other feelings, along with a playlist to match, below:

Sometimes when I get ansti I feel like my feet are biting me. Like they’re just pissed at me and I have to move. This playlist is for people who need to go on a walk that ends with a dance in the park. 

Listen to Banoffee’s sophmore album “Teartracks” below, officially out now: