Playlist – When the Moon Smiles with Wyldest

By Wyldest

Listening to the single from Wyldest’s upcoming record Monthly Friend, I’m picturing Zoe Mead singing to the moon: “Sleeping in the late night / It’s dark now / I could never be just yours.” The moon is inherently charged with something that can’t be explained. Sometimes it feels unnerving, with a cloud hovering ominously; other times it feels reassuring, like a crescent smile glinting in the dark. The moon has a feeling that’s never final. Instead, the moon fluctuates to reflect how we’re feeling, which nature tends to do – we project ourselves outward, and in reply, our outside world mirrors our inside world. Wyldest’s new album explores this very feeling thoroughly; Mead points to nature to illustrate her experiences as they change shape. She’s done the same in this playlist, When the Moon Smiles:
The tunes on this list are a collection of songs I’ve had on repeat for the last year or so. When the Moon Smiles is reflective of listening to music at night, when everything is silent and still. Sometimes the night can make things seem more menacing – anxiety can creep into your bedroom and have you staring at the ceiling for hours, grinding teeth, circling things in your mind. I wanted to compile a list of my favourite songs for remembering the beauty in the world. As a result, helping you to forget your worries, letting the night take you to perfect rest. 

Check out Wyldest’s playlist below:

Wyldest’s new album ‘Monthly Friend’ is officially out tomorrow (05/28) via Hand In Hive: