Photo Diary – Common Holly

By Common Holly

In the winter of 2019, Montreal-based Common Holly set out on an extensive tour across the US and Europe. Below is a collection of memories from the shows that supported singer-songwriter Brigitte Naggar's sophomore full-length When I say to you Black Lightning, out now via Barsuk.

We found a hike in Washington state called the Twin Falls. I think we all cried of exhaustion and relief in this amazing mossy forest.

Tinsel in the windshield, because it was Christmas. It glistened in the tunnels.

Somewhere along our 3-day drive across the rocky mountains, having a run in the snow.

My dad drove us from Montreal to Vermont to pick up an American rental van for our USA crossing (thanks Dad!)

Right: We played at the Pie Shop in Washington, DC, and they gave us two Beautiful Pies (BP) in a Beautiful Green Room (BGR).

William Blake selfie in a gas station bathroom.

Near Miles City, Montana. I drove the van over to that Subway to pick up the boys, but I do not have my driver’s license.

Right: Same mountains, Montana, I asked Devon to photograph me again.

I asked Devon to photograph me in this strange, beautiful haunted house we stayed at in Cleveland.

Right: Our WPRB session at Princeton, NJ. We slept in a college clubhouse that night with pizzas.

We found our first sunshine in California.

We found the beach in Los Angeles. We felt dead and insane, like in a Salinger short story.

Just the boys.