Photo Diary – Lala Lala

By Lala Lala

In Autumn 2018, Lala Lala toured with Mothers along the West Coast. They decided to document it and share a few snapshots from their adventures on the road.

Abby in a strange megastore while we waited for the car to get fixed
Abby in the minivan
Left: Saguaro National Park, Right: Lillie & Cacti
Abby and Cactus
Left: Garret, Right: Chris in the sun
All smiles
Left: Beautiful Kristine, Right: Ben in the basement of the Empty Bottle
Kristine getting ready
Left: Green Room in Dallas, Right: Chris and Matt packing the van in New Orleans
Athens, GA
Kristine and the bloonies
Kristine in Austin
Left: Ben in Tuscon, Right: Chris in Austin
Madeline Kenney in her backyard
Matt in San Antonio
Mothers in Austin
NYC with the Mothers balloons
Left: Matt in SF, Right: Mothers & Lala Lala
Saying goodbye in SF