Photo Diary – MOURN


With the success of their self-titled debut in 2015, MOURN has become a recognizable force within the Catalonian punk scene. In preparation for their third record Self Worth, we asked the trio to collect photos of the memories and influences surrounding their new album. Take a look below.

One of the things that we all agree we shared during the record process was peace of mind - given by nature and respect between the four of us.

Left to Right: Jazz, Carla, Leia

We like recording our albums in this town house called "Cal Pau". We're surrounded by horses and vineyards.

Our forth album is full of contrast. Harsh and softer melodies that feel like light and darkness sometimes.

Sister Mafia Love

Through the years, we've felt like difficulties within the band or the industry were really present while writing music and expressing ourselves. Always having that "construct-destroy" feeling all the time.

When we started thinking about the new album in 2019 we decided to go to the south of France, in Lalane and be on our own for a week. We cooked great meals such as vegetable paella and great pasta while starting to write our first songs for Self Worth.

It is important for us to realize how valid we are as musicians and as human beings. With all our goods and with all our flaws. Self Worth gives us credit and to ALL who feel like they don't worth it.

Left: We spent all 2019 with the same melodies in our heads and still now, a year later, feel so new and relevant to us. Right: Sister Love.

Listen to MOURN’s newest single “Gather, Really” off their recent record ‘Self Worth’ out now via Captured Tracks.