Photo Diary – Say Sue Me

By Say Sue Me

In 2018, South Korea's Say Sue Me headed to Europe and the UK for a fall tour. Although their camera broke during their travels, the group was able to save some of their film and share a few of their adventures on the road.

Not sure which venue it is, but it seems to be Paradiso in Amsterdam. It was a performance that started at midnight. We were quite exhausted at the time.

Important to stretch after sitting in a van for a long time

Right: Guacamole energy

So we took a picture on a wide road.

This was taken on the ship MS Stubniz in Hamburg, Germany. It is about 70 years old and has a very nice performance hall that we performed at. It is almost always anchored, but a few crews live there, and they seem to be familiar with meeting new people. I imagined that I would ride this ship and play around all the world lying on the bed of old sailors.

Right: This day is likely to be remembered forever. Actually, Jaeyoung's father's sudden health deterioration during this tour caused him to return to Korea and his father passed away on the day that we arrived here. We were so sorry that we could not be with him. I bowed to his father while singing on stage. The sunset was beautiful on that day.

Somewhere in Belgium while we were on the way to Amsterdam. The cows were grazing, and the scenery was very beautiful. I stepped on cow poop.

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