Playlist – Soothe Thy Ears with Doohickey Cubicle

By Alli Deleo of Doohickey Cubicle

Photography by Jordyn Taylor-Robins

Doohickey Cubicle’s music reminds me of a not-so-distant yet better time—one of live shows, familiar company, and most importantly, having a good time. Along with their imaginative in-person performances, the Vancouver duo has always thrived in producing music that exudes a freedom to it, and a unique sense of creativity due to their ability to not take themselves too seriously.

On their debut album Don’t Fix Anything 😉 out this week, the duo presents a collection of nine tracks bolstered by their enthusiasm. Recorded between Montreal and their home studio, the pair collaborated with notable artists and friends to offer a record that even with its familiar showing, is never overshadowed by its sense of exploration.

We asked Alli from Doohickey Cubicle to craft a playlist ahead of their album release. She returned with a mix surrounding the many ways music can soothe us—whether that be emotionally or to help us to better understand our thoughts and selves. You can read about Alli’s playlist and listen below. Additionally, the duo premiered a Blue Hawaii remix of their single “Sign Here” off their debut today, which you can also check out down below.

Hello ~ I am Alli (she/her) from the music project Doohickey Cubicle. Here’s a playlist that I made of songs that truly soothe me. The playlist is called “Soothe Thy Ears.” The artists on this playlist deeply inspire me but have also soothed me in some way. Usually, they do this by taking the orbiting thoughts I have (my mind is very busy) and putting them into words I can make sense of. When I listen to these songs I feel solid in that moment.  There’s heaps of tunes out there, but this list is what I am listening to currently… and frequently 🙂 Enjoy. 

Listen to a new Blue Hawaii remix of Doohickey Cubicle’s song “Sign Here” below: