Playlist – So Sad I Had to Shake Some A** with Ella Jane

By Ella Jane

Photography courtesy of the artist

There’s certainty behind Ella Jane’s bright and energetic pop hooks. It’s one that’s anchored less so in her precise desires, but instead in her conviction to move forward. In “I Wanna,” her newest single out today, Ella wants to make herself clear: she wants to be in love. It’s a theme underlying and driving her upcoming album Marginalia, which shows the Brooklyn-based singer navigating the trials, tribulations, and often confusing moments of coming to age and dating. However, throughout the many complicated moments or the relationships that fizzle out, Ella still remains assured, maybe not in her exact path, but where she hopes to end up.

We asked Ella Jane to craft a playlist ahead of her album Marginalia out in October via Fader label. The resulting collection inspires us to let loose even amid our more somber moments. Read Ella’s statement on her mix, give it a listen, and check out her new single “I Wanna” out today.

[These are] songs you need on your radar if you like to throw it back to songs of deep despair.

Ella Jane’s new single ‘I Wanna’ is out today, listen below and pre-order her album ‘Marginalia’ out October 28th: