Playlist – Feel-Good Drives with Amindi

By Amindi

If you’re looking for a mantra to help you settle into this already-wild-ride-of-a-year, Amindi’s got you covered. You win some, you lose some. It’s usually the kind of sentiment that’s shrugged off with a little sarcasm, but when it’s Amindi singing it on her latest single “YWSYLS,” it feels completely different. Amindi’s music feels smooth. This new track is especially comforting, like a long nap on a friend’s lap in the mid-afternoon sun. Or a long bath with no need to get out and dry off anytime soon. Or, better yet, an aimless drive that just feels good.

Amindi’s a fan of a feel-good drive herself, and wanted to pass on the feeling. This playlist that she’s put together for Slumber is full of songs that feel good to drive to, for scream-singing and letting yourself breathe. Check out the playlist below:

These are my favorite songs to scream-sing in traffic. I think I’m overall pretty calm, but when I’m driving I feel like I’m in Tokyo Drift or something. I drive really fast (and really cautiously) and having a good soundtrack to my drives is hella important to me.

Listen to Amindi’s latest single “YWSYLS” below: