Playlist – Songs I Pull My Teeth Out To with Boyish

By Boyish

Ever felt so hopelessly devoted to someone you’d pull your teeth out for them? Seems a bit extreme, but you’re not alone – Brooklyn duo Boyish are in the same boat. Their latest single “Smithereens” is vulnerable, poking at all the most raw parts of your adolescence that you would otherwise shy away from. Think crying in your room and obsessing over someone that treats you like garbage; someone that inevitably ends up shutting you out, despite your infatuation. It’s an experience that’s universal and unmatchable. This new single sums up these sensations and, in spite of all the bad gut feelings, makes every part of it sound aptly nostalgic. Adolescence is messy and mistake heavy, but in this single, Boyish are looking back with a soft glow.

To get a glimpse into the devotion that influenced this new release, we asked Boyish to curate a playlist for us. Find their thoughts and have a listen below:

This is a playlist of songs by artists that inspire us. We listened to all of these tracks a lot while writing “Smithereens” and the rest of our upcoming EP. These songs make us want to die in the best way.


Watch the music video for Boyish’s latest single “Smithereens” below: