Playlist – Count of Monte Cristo with Floatie

By Floatie

Introduction by Amy Garlesky

Friends and collaborators for nearly a decade, Chicago quartet, Floatie has had a long journey leading up to their debut albumA testament to their relationships and personal growth, Voyage Out provides an expansive first impression, constantly moving between its shimmering melodies and dizzying riffs.

Ahead of their record release, we asked Floatie to craft a playlist for us. The result is a collection of tracks reminiscent of a classic and epic story. Check out their thoughts below and tune into their mix full of twists and turns below.

For those unfamiliar with the plot of The Count of Monte Cristo, please close your eyes and imagine it’s the year 1815 and you have it all; your father is so proud of you and you have become captain of the elegant ship, Pharaon. Let the playlist guide you through the rest.

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Pick up a copy of Floatie’s new album ‘Voyage Out’ out now via Exploding in Sound: