Slumber Mag’s Songwriting Series: May 2021

By Amy O & the Slumber Editorial Team

Slumber Mag's Songwriting Series is a monthly prompt and community experience that aims to help open the door for new songwriters who don’t quite know where to begin. The series also hopes to provide a fresh approach for those looking to invigorate their process.

Read May’s prompt below and share your results with the Slumber Mag community, as we witness the many directions a song can take! All submissions are due by Friday, May 28, 11:59 p.m. ET. 

May’s Songwriting Prompt:

Step 1:

Go out on a Songwriting Harvesting Adventure! Leave the house with a notepad and a recording device. Write down and record snippets of anything that seems compelling. Pay attention to your senses–write you what you see, smell, hear, feel and taste.

Step 2:

When you get home, sit down with your instrument and make up a soundtrack to go with your time out. Don’t add lyrics yet, just melody.

Step 3:

Take the soundtrack and your notes/recordings from the outing–put them together in a song!

Step 4:

Record a demo and share it with us at songwriting@slumbermag.com! Write us a 3-4 sentence introduction to the track & your writing process–you can also include a demo cover if you wish. Be sure to also let us know if you’re ok with a public streaming link to the song.

Quick Food for Thought:

What are your music goals for the next year? What do you need to make them happen?