Playlist – Sci-Fi Rom-Com with Jackie Mendoza

By Jackie Mendoza

Introduction by Amy Garlesky

I’m definitely one to mark occasions by a playlist. Whether to accompany a weekend on the road or to raise my spirits and dance alone in my living room, there’s something empowering in outlining our experiences, regardless of their veracity, with music.

Ahead of her band’s new album out tomorrow, Lunarette’s Jackie Mendoza collected songs that could act as the backdrop to the galactic romance movie version of her life. From its softer moments offered by artists like Ana Roxanne to its brighter excerpts from Teebs and Panda Bear, it’s a compilation that is as complex, twisting, and surprising as existence itself, on earth or otherwise.

Read Jackie’s thoughts behind the mix and check out the playlist below.

“I imagined that if my life was made into a movie, it would be a sci-fi romantic comedy, and this would be the soundtrack. Dating can be messy during a global pandemic, but friendships really get you through it all. From the beginning breakup scene to the revelations made while flying through space; the songs of various genres and tempos jerk you back and forth and surprise you like life does.”

Lunarette’s debut EP ‘Clair de Lunarette’ is out tomorrow via Babe City & Topshelf Records. You can preorder it here.