Playlist – Crush Drunk with Old Man of the Woods

By Miranda Elliott

Introduction by Amy Garlesky

Old Man of Woods’ upcoming debut Votives feels reminiscent of the project’s own mystical name. Twelve tracks that feel as intimate as they are hidden, Seattle singer-songwriter, Miranda Elliot, uses her new record to invite listeners deeper into her own world. Whether through the hypnotic bass of the title track, “Votives” or through the bittersweet melodies on “Let Me Miss You,” Miranda carefully imbues themes of love, growth, and mistakes through her dreamy and often imaginative soundscapes.

Ahead of Old Man of the Woods’ album release, we reached out and asked Miranda to compile a mix for us. She came back with a collection of songs that recall the rollercoaster of falling for someone new and all the overwhelming emotions that come along with new love. Read Miranda’s thoughts behind the playlist and listen in below.

A playlist to soundtrack your daydreams of a whole life with that cutie you’ve only known a couple of weeks. Dedicated to the addictive electricity, the feverish intimacy, the ravenous fantasy, the quiet hope that this time it really might be forever, & the aching fear that it won’t.

Listen and pre-order Old Man of the Wood’s new album ‘Votives’ – Out October 15th on Totally Real Records: