Playlist – Phoenix to Tucson with Koleżanka

By Kirstina Moore

We all have that one playlist that instantly takes us back in time, leading us to reminisce on all the good times and emotional moments–and today, we’re all about artist Koleżanka with her “Driving from Phoenix towards Tucson” playlist.

Boasting the likes of everyone from favorite soul queen Wanda Jackson to the ultimate electro-pop grooves of Stereolab, Koleżanka’s Kirstina Moore takes us down memory lane with a playlist fueled by songs for reflection and cruising down the road. Turn it up, roll down the window, and hit it!

Check out Kirstina’s message and the playlist below:

Driving through the various landscapes of Arizona, especially the Sonoran desert, is a particular and even transformative journey that I feel very lucky to have grown up experiencing. I wanted to capture what it feels like to take the I-10 south through the city, past South Mtn and the speckle of urban sprawl, where the drive feels a bit more like cruising and leisure. Then suddenly you’re enveloped, and the desert seems to swallow you whole. The landscape is otherworldly; all space seems endless between the sky and the earth, cut by rigid peaks and the alien shapes of old saguaros. Picacho Peak looms in the distance like a mirage, and one tends to feel the breadth of a world that turns without acknowledgment. I hope this playlist conveys the peace and wonderment at feeling very small while driving through the southwest.”

Today, Koleżanka also dropped a brand new single titled “Vegan Sushi” on Bar/None records. The track carves a viscerally satisfying groove into the air. It’s executed beautifully, each twinkling element bringing a new vibrancy to the mix.

Listen to Koleżanka new song “Vegan Sushi” below: