Playlist – Songs for Hidden Paths with Tiiva

By Tiiva

As the internet continues to melt beyond comprehension, hyperpop has grown more and more familiar. We live most of our lives chronically online, and hand in hand, the once completely overwhelming nature of hyperpop has begun to feel less and less extreme. Tiiva – producer, remixer and songwriter – has taken the experience of hyperpop we’ve grown to know, and turned it into something completely new. Listen to Tiiva and suddenly, hyperpop is something you reach for to comfort yourself. “SOMEONE ELSE” takes the sound of complete euphoria and turns it into honest, warm reassurance.

We asked Tiiva to curate a playlist for Slumber, and similarly to their latest release, what they’ve handed to us feels equally transportive. If you’ve been feeling beyond chronically online lately, this playlist will snap you out of it.

Have a read of a piece Tiiva wrote to accompany their playlist, along with a photographed hidden path of their own, below.

Imagine a hidden path, covered by flowers and growth

only partially visible, a piece of unknown 

and surprise in a world usually so predictable 

you want to take it with both hands.

The greens and blues and pinks bleed and merge together, interlocking fingers, and you step – one trembling foot in front of the other. 

Along the path the sun warms you into a sense of belonging, waking up in you the power of possibility.

 The mundane is washed away… the ordinary is no where to be seen, and you could be anywhere and nowhere at the same time.

You gently fold up time like a piece of paper and put it in your pocket for later. The rocky bed is cool and tangible under your feet.

 The air smells like burnt smoke and whispers, it entices nostalgia .. it wakes you up and sends you drifting.

There’s only this exact present moment, and it belongs to you.

Check out Tiiva’s latest single “SOMEONE ELSE” below: