Playlist – Splendido Cooking with Silverbacks

By Emma Hanlon

Introduction by Amy Garlesky

As we head into 2022, life continues to get more complicated, perpetually outgrowing the neat boxes and arrangements we once tried to fit it into. However, on their sophomore record, Archive Material, Silverbacks don’t seem to want to return to “normal”–but instead, embrace the world’s ever-existing messiness. Through their driving, sharp, and often surreal tones, the Dublin band uses their new LP to capture the absurdity of our recent times while also providing some much-needed lightheartedness on where we’re heading next.

To celebrate the band’s new release and get us through the end of January, we asked the group’s bassist and vocalist Emma Hanlon to curate a playlist for us. The result is a compilation of songs perfect to warm up your winter and pair with your next baking project. Find Emma’s thoughts and listen to the mix, below:

“It’s winter, it’s cold, and everything in Ireland shuts down at 8 pm at the moment. What else to do but cook, bake and listen to music. So, I have compiled a playlist of my current favourite songs for your enjoyment. Best listened to when preparing a spicy chili or hearty stew. Bon Appétit!”

Listen and pick up a copy of Silverback’s new album ‘Archive Material’ out now via Full Time Hobby