Playlist – Sick of Your Face with Chloe Tang

By Chloe Tang

In listening to Chloe Tang’s music, there’s a mirror-like quality that’s undeniable. The vibrancy of her music feels responsive—constantly reflecting the intensity of emotion she imbues into her performance. Every track I’ve heard from the LA-based artist has been as sharp and defiant as the last, and it would be remiss to say we aren’t looking forward to her upcoming EP, E-PITY-ME, out later this year.

We asked Tang to craft a playlist ahead of the release of her new single “Walk You Out.” A track inspired by the emotions felt after a breakup, Tang created a mix that represents moving on and everything that accompanies that process. Check out the playlist below.

This playlist is a compilation of songs that embody the moment you know you’re over someone and it’s time to move on. It’s about liberation and standing up for yourself. A time when you can finally let go of all the baggage and be free.

Listen to Chloe Tang’s latest single “Walk You Out” below: