Playlist – Getting Over It with Rebel Yell

By Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell is the solo project of Grace Stevenson, a Sydney-based artist known for pushing club music to its breaking point. Her latest record, Fall From Graceis powerful and vulnerable all at once, like laying yourself bare to a grating reality that’s out of your control. Similarly, so is this playlist — where you can listen to Rebel Yell walk you through the highs and lows of the ultimate heartbreak:

I finally experienced my first heartbreak this year and, at first, I couldn’t even listen to music at all, everything had a link to something I was feeling. But looking back at my stages of grief within heartbreak, this story of songs shows the heartbreak; the wishing to no end that it was not real, the pleading, the mending, the acceptance, the anger and finally, coming back the other side confident. Feeling ready to move on as an individual in the world, happy with my own space, time, friends and choices. Heartbreak will always hurt, but music is one thing that can either help us lean in or embrace the beauty in it all. 

P.S. Good to note: Selena Gomez’s album Rare is the ultimate getting over a break-up album.

Listen to the playlist on Spotify below:

Rebel Yell’s sophmore LP Fall From Grace is out now via Rice is Nice Records: