Playlist – I Only Know How to Do Sad Things with Misty Mtn

By Misty Mtn

Montana’s Misty Mtn are surrounded by a hue that makes everything feel nostalgic. Their sophomore EP, Weren’t Those the Dayslooks back on moments that have been and gone, all without shying away from the bittersweet sensations that comes along with it. As a duo, Misty Mtn want you to settle into these experiences without uncertainty, like a gentle nudge to appreciate the sentimental side of sadness.

The playlist these two have curated for Slumber Mag is the perfect accompaniment –once Weren’t Those the Days has washed over you, this playlist will remind you that it’s totally okay if you feel like you only know how to do sad things. If Misty Mtn feel the same way, you know it’s more than okay. Find Misty Mtn’s thoughts and a playlist to pair with them, below:

Sadness, melancholy, nostalgia… they are all part of being human. We’ve let all those emotions that are usually seen as negative fuel us creatively, so we want our listeners to become friends with their sadness and dance or cry alongside it.

Check Out Misty Mtn’s sophomore EP Weren’t Those the Days below: